Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Simple dancing light circuit diagram

Simple Dancing Light Circuit Diagram 

Disco Light Circuit Diagram 

Dancing light Circuit Made By Eccircuit.com


In This Post, I will tell you How To Make a Dancing Light Circuit. Dancing Light Circuit Simply an Astable Multivibrator Circuit.  
In This Circuit, We Use Following Components -
  • BC 547 Transistor - 2
  • 100 uf capacitor - 2
  • 1 K Resistor - 2
  • Led Any color - 2
  • 10 K Resistor - 2
  • 6 - 9 Volt Battery 
  • Switch 
How To Change The Blinking Time of LED -
  We can change the Blinking Time of Led with The Help to change the value of Capacitor And 10 K Resistor.

  We will do not increase the maximum value of the resistor because the brightness of led will decrease by increasing the value of the 10 k resistor. 

I suggest you to -

you will only change the value of Capacitor.

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