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IR Remote Control Circuit

IR remote control circuit and Arduino code and remote key code generator diagram uses etc in Hindi

Remote Control Circuit

Infrared Remote Control

In This Post, I Will tell you how to make an IR Remote Control Circuit Using Arduino.
             I will tell you What is IR Remote Control Circuit?

IR Remote Control Circuit - 
                                                    IR Remote Control Circuit is a circuit. which is Use to Control any Device with the help of a specific IR Remote. Each IR remote control Circuit contains one receiver and a minimum one transmitter or remote. 
Working - 
                    Ir remote control circuit worked on infrared light. in this topic, I will make a 7 components control or remote control circuit. every IR Remote Control Circuit Contains a two-part .one is Transmitter and other is a receiver . in the receiver which saves a Special code of each component ( numeric Code ) and Transmitter or remote different keys are allocated of different code which same as components code and only one key allocate only one component code. when a transmitted one code by pressing a key of remote. And the receiver will receive this code and compare this code of each component code. if cod is matched anyone component code so than the receiver will change the state of this component. I mean - previously it will on. so it will off or it is off. so it will on . when the same code receives again so it will change our state again. than the same cod receive are again and again this process continues.
Components - 
  • Arduino
  • 7 Relay any 6 or 12 volts depending on your power supply 
  • Transistor BC547
  • IC ULN2003A
  • Normal Ir Remote 
  • 8, 1 K Resistor 
  • TSOP 1738 IR Module 
  • Some wires 
Circuit diagram - 
Make This Circuit According To Circuit Diagram

 Arduino library Download -

Remote Button Code - 
                                        Check Your remote Button Code by using this code is given below 
You Upload this code in your Arduino. And press button two times with some time difference in front of a receiver. and note down every button code in notes. if two codes are received by one click you will change your remote. And you press again same key and different code are receive according to previously received code. so you will change your remote again . you can choose whose remote it will be transferred only one code in every one click. And again click the same key same code will be received.

You can note At least seven keys code

Remote code -
You will copy this code in your notepad in given below.
And make some corrections.
you can copy this code is given below. And search a (By use of CTRL + F ) "BUTTON 1 CODE " and replace by your anyone remote button code whose you have noted in your notes. again you can search "BUTTON 2 CODE" and replace with another button. you will replace an all seven-button code.
then you will copy this code and upload in your Arduino.

now you can connect in your Arduino in the circuit and try this project.

if any problem in this project you can comment below I will solve your problem.
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