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Program atmega328p with arduino

In This Post, I will tell you how to program an atmega 328p With the help of Arduino.

Arduino As An ISP

Program a Home Made Arduino

Program Atmega 328P-PU

In This Post, I will tell you how to program an atmega 328p With the help of Arduino.
       Let's start

Firstly -  Follow this instruction 

Collect these devices 

  • Pc or laptop With Arduino software 
  • Arduino Uno 
  • Jumper Wires 
  • Homemade Arduino
How to make Arduino at Home. Click this link given below and Learn  - 
Set this Setting In Arduino software - 
Follow Steps By step -
Step I - 
Connect Arduino Uno to Your pc 
Step II - 
Open Arduino Software And Make this change - 
  • Tools >Board >Select Arduino / Genunino  Uno 

Step III -
  • Fille>Examples>Arduino ISP

Step IV -
  • Upload ArduinoISP Program in Arduino Uno
Make the Circuit According To Diagram - 
Arduino  Uno                         Micro Controller 
        10                        -                      1 
        11                        -                      17 
        12                        -                      18 
        13                        -                      19 

      5 Volt Pin              -                     7 AND  20 

      GND Pin               -                     8 AND  23 

And Make All other Connections According To Diagram 

Step V - 

  • Tools>Programmer>Select Arduino As ISP

Step VI - 

  • Tools >burn Bootloader

After Some time In Bottom Right Corner Show a Done message. it means Microcontroller is Booted now.

Step VII - 

  • Tools>Programmer>Select Arduino As ISP

Finally, Your Microcontroller Are booted Successfully

After this, You will Sketch any program in your Arduino software and Upload this 

After this step, Your Program is Successfully Uploaded in  Microcontroller.

If You Are Upload any other Program in this microcontroller.
Simply You will make Connection According To Step IV And Follow Step VII Only.

If You Have any Question please comment below the post - 
Please ignore my any grammatical mistake.

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