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LCD Interfacing with Arduino

16X2 LCD interface with Arduino in various modes.

LCD Interfacing with Arduino

Liquid Crystal Display Tutorial

In This Post, I will tell How to operate LCD Display With the help Of Arduino.

Pin Configuration of LCD -
16x2 LCD

Collect The Following Components  -
  • Arduino Uno                           Buy on Amazone
  • 16x2 Display                          Buy on Amazone
  • 10 Kohm Potentiometer
  • BreadBoard
  • Jumper Wire

Follow This Steps -

(1) Make Connections According to the circuit diagram which given below.

LCD Without Backlight

(2) If you turn on the LCD Backlight so Connect the Last Pin Of LCD (LED - or K) To Ground And last Second Pin (LED + or A) to 5 Volt Pin Of Arduino.

LCD With backlight

(3) Download LiquidCrystal.h library to Click Here.
  After Download open Arduino ide Software. Then follow these steps -

  • Click on Sketch menu
  • Click on Include library option
  • Click on Add. Zip library option
  • Now choose the library. which you have downloaded after.
  • Now Press Open

(4) If the words are not clearly visible on the LCD. Or the LCD does not appear clean. So you can change the value of the potentiometer.

(5) Now we write something on LCD. For this, you copy the code given below and paste it on the Arduino software.
I am writing Eccircuit in If you say something else, write your message in place of the Eccircuit given in the code.

Code -


You can just write 40 characters in a row. Only 16 of them will appear on LCD. If you type more than 40 letters, the remaining characters will be displayed in the second line of the LCD.

(6) If you want to write something in both lines of LCD, try the code below.
I Ec in the first line of LCD And the second line I am writing circuits. You can write any of your messages instead.



(7) Send Message through Serial Monitor -

Code - 

Video - 

(8) Scrolling text Code Given Below - 

Scrolling Text Right To Left - 
Replace your message with "scrolling text right to left"

Video -

Scrolling Text Left To Right -


Video - 

(9) Sending a message from the serial monitor to the LCD which moves on the LCD.


Video -

If You Have any question or suggestion please comment below.

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