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Arduino Temperature And Humidity Sensor | Code | Circuit diagram etc

Temperature and humidity readings are measured by the help of arduino uno and dht11 sensor .

Arduino Temperature Sensor

Arduino weather station

Today, through this post, I will tell you how to build the Temperature Sensor Project or Weather Station with the help of Arduino.

DHT 11 Sensor -
DHT Module

First, collect these following Components 
Follow this Steps
1) You create the circuit according to the circuit given in the picture given below.
2) Open Arduino ide Software and add Two library -

(Note: if you already installed this library so skip this step )

     DHT Sensor Master library {DHT.h} - Click here

LiquidCrystal.h - Click here
How To add library in Arduino ide. Click here to see This
3) Restart Arduino ide Software.
4) Create a new file.

5) Copy the code given below and paste on Arduino ide Software.
You can also download .ino File -

If you want to print the temperature in Celsius
The temperature in C.ino -  Click Here

If you want to print the temperature in Fahrenheit -

The temperature in F - Click Here

6) You can also see the readings of temperature and humidity in the serial monitor.
Set the baud rate of 9600.

7) Compile And upload the code.
Temperature in C

Temperature in F

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